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Not All companies that claim to be "Custom" Really are 

What to do? - Research and judge yourself

Dont let your Dream Kitchen become a Nigthmare


            Stock cabinets are pre-built, factory mass-produced cabinets that come in standard sizes and are often built with lower quality materials. Because of this, they are generally more economical. However, options are limited to select styles, wood types and colors that are decided by the manufacturer.

  • Standard width usually starts at 9” and can increase to 48” by increments of 3”.

  • Standard depth would be 12” for wall cabinets and 24” for base, oven or other utility cabinetry.


             Semi-custom cabinets are essentially stock cabinets with a few more options, but they still confine the consumer to selections in a catalog-type list. With semi-custom, if you have a wall space that would fit three of their standard cabinets with about 7” of extra wall space left, space fillers would be used. Space fillers are basically planks of wood placed in line with the cabinets to give a continuous cabinet appearance.

Good example of semi-custom cabinets is Home Improvement Centers

              Semi-custom cabinetry is not built by the vendor you are in contact with. The vendor acts as the “middle-man”. The installation is then done by yet another company and the consumer will also be charged a delivery fee. With all of these separate pieces to the puzzle, the potential for errors greatly increases.

  • Standard width usually starts at 9” and can increase to 48” .

  • Depth & height deviations may be able to be accommodated, but each deviation can be costly.


              Custom cabinetry is built specific to each project and there are no pre-made lists of options that would narrow the creative vision. The sky is the limit on creative control! Also, custom cabinetry is often made locally and installed by the same company who built it.

  • There are no standard widths, depths or heights. Cabinets can be built to 1/16” increments, making the most out of available wall space.

               At Diamond Custom Cabinetry we are involved in every step of the process; from designing, to fabrication, delivery and installation. This is why we are able to deliver a high-quality kitchens and cabinetry that we stand behind. We take pride in our projects from start to finish. When we say “custom”, we deliver custom. Call today for a free quote and get one step closer to making your dream kitchen a reality!

661-350 1651

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